Tips for Writing a Research Paper Introduction Paragraph

The introduction forms the entire argument that you will discuss in the body of your research paper. It should explain your topic and why your research and its results are of importance.

What Is a Research Paper Introduction Paragraph?

An introduction paragraph(s) serves as the start of a research paper. The intro determines whether your audience keeps reading. It should, therefore, catch your readers’ attention and keep them engaged.

Writing a Research Paper Introduction

Although it may seem rather strange, write your introduction after you’ve written the entire research paper. Doing so allows you to identify the key points and cover them in this section. Here are a few tips that will help you write an impressive introduction that will pique your readers’ interest to read your essay till the end:

  1. State Your Research Theme

Your opening statement should discuss your topic broadly before narrowing it to specific details.

  1. Be More Original

For humanities, a quotation or an anecdote can be the start of your research paper introduction. While, for medicine or science research papers, you can begin with an interesting/shocking fact or statistic.

  1. Describe Key Terms

Your research should be clear and understandable to the audience. So to avoid confusing your readers, explain the main terms and ideas in the introduction.

  1. Size Matters

Your introduction should be short enough that it’s readable and able to capture your reader’s attention. However, it should be long enough to explain the key features of your research paper.

  1. Mention the Keywords

Use your keywords in your introduction. Doing so will make it easier for your audience to find your essay. Keywords can either be individual words or a combination of words that explain your topic.

  1. Create a Logical Flow

Maintain consistency in your writing. Ensuring a logical flow of content will make the introduction text coherent.

Research Paper Introduction Example

Below is a sample of an introduction paragraph for a research paper titled, “Behavioral Study Of The Concept Of Obedience

Modern theories link misbehavior and intentional wrongdoing and harm with personal characteristics. Psychologists and physicians in one study predicted that only about 1% to 3% of people would intentionally harm another individual when ordered to do so.

An example of this concept is the recent Adolph Eichmann war trial. Eichmann maintained he was only obeying orders when he carried out Nazi-era war crimes. Therefore, is it possible that people can harm others and betray their moral beliefs if told to do so?

In this experiment, we will observe whether someone can continually administer painful electric shocks to another person just because an authority figure asks him or her to do so. We expect that the majority of the participants will disobey the order.

A great intro is crucial to your paper’s success! The key is writing an engaging opening paragraph that captures your readers’ attention. And this calls for practice. We urge you to practice writing as often as possible till you can deal with such academic works effortlessly while avoiding common mistakes.

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