What it Takes to Deliver Methods Section of a Scientific Paper

Authors of scientific papers are expected to present their arguments in clear terms which will enable the outcome of their paper to be duplicated at the end of the day. We shall be focusing on the methods section of the exercise and then finally on the pitfalls to be avoided if the results that call for cheer is to be achieved. 

It is important to state here that authors are not confusing methodology which deals with scientific methods and with the methods in themselves. The following sections are to be included in the methods section of your term paper. It is by no means an exclusive list; sub-headings can be included under this section.

Literature Search– Authors are expected to cite sources that influenced their choice of methodThe timeframe of past studies is to be stated here including parameters that were used.

The sturdy participants– It is expected of authors to state the sources their non-human subjects; the same applies to human sources. All the stats that concern them from sex; age; location and several stats that will be useful are included under this section.

The Inclusion/exclusion criteria– The method used in the inclusion and exclusion by the author should be stated under this section.

The Procedures– It is expected that the authors will throw light on the preparation taken before the process. The design of the study by the author should be explained here. It is expected that the timeframes used should be explained here for a clearer understanding by the readers. What the author did to manipulate experimental questions should be clearly explained. 

Statistical analysis– What types of data were used? How were they measured? Which of them were performed and which needs to be described? These are points to be included under this headingThis section cannot take the place of the results section; that will be explained under the results section. The specific software used in this study should be referenced in this section.

The above are the main sections to be included in the methods section of the term paper. We shall go on to dwell on the pitfalls to be avoided in the template of the method section of the paper.

Do not include any background information that will not be of use in this section of your paper. 

You are not expected to provide too much of your info under this section. This should be avoided.

The focus under this section should be more of how the method was used to achieve results and less of the mechanics involved in achieving the results.

Avoid the temptation of discussing the obstacles that you faced and how they were resolved under this section. This should be left to the section under study limitations. When you order term papers online at https://mypaperwriter.com/, it will help validate the results that you are going to come up at the end of the day.

Final take

The tips above represent what to include in the method section of a term paper that will help earn the students the high marks needed. The areas of failures to be avoided have also been stated


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